I felt your first kick when I was eating chocolate
It felt so unreal yet beautiful I shed a tear
Your long awaited moment
I felt it in my heart
I knew with everything in my being
That you were a boy
Shhhh! It’s our little secret I smiled to myself
You were made in a moment that way full of so many emotions
Your daddy and I argued that night
Harsh words were said
Wine stained our carpet
We never bought another one
It is a reminder of where you were conceived
I smile wickedly and pleasantly shiver at the memory
You are so loved my dear son

In my son’s EYES
A carefree smile that draws you instantly
I want to get lost in them and never leave
In those eyes I find contentment without a doubt

In my son’s FINGERS
I want to input strength when I hold
Caress my face with them when I’ m having a bad day
Smile when they reach out to touch my face softly
Fingers that I helped create inside my womb

At my son’s FEET
I will be proud when he takes his first steps
Wobbling but learning to take those steps
Those feet will walk and I will be proud to call him my son

In my son’s WORDS
I will know kindness, forgiveness, excitement
Those words will fill my heart with peace when I hear him speak
Words that soothe my tired mind
Explode my heart with impeccable happiness

In my son’s HEART
I stay like a home I never want to leave
A heart that will be full of compassion, gratitude, love
A heart that I will love till my dying days

In my son’s WISDOM
I will know immeasurable giving
Learn to tolerate repeated corrections
Know that gentleness is worth everything
Loving is simple and uncomplicated
A wisdom I will help impart the best way I know how

In my son’s LOVE
I bask in the glow and splendor of it
A pure undiluted perfect love
Love that gives without expecting
Love because love is medicine
Precious, fulfilling even

In my son’s EMBRACE
I will know beautiful warmth
Comfort beyond measure
When he hugs me
I will experience a little bit of Heaven on earth

In my son’s EYES
I see me


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