I have seen the darkness
Smelt the fear in love
Heard the cry of my soul
You left without words
Left me pinning for more of you
More of you I longed for
For you have left me with simple pain

Your eyes never opened
Never opened a new chapter with you
With you I longed to walk
Walk into a future filled with bliss
Bliss a foreign concept to me
To me you were a perfection
Perfection yet with simple pain

My unborn
Unborn into a fragile filled earth
Earth rotating without my consent
Consent to live without your love
Your love was my world baby
Baby you have left my embrace
Embrace my simple pain

This immense love I have inside
Inside my now empty saddened womb
Womb that now needs healing
Healing from what is left of me
Me part of everything that died
Died without feeling a numbing suffering
Simple pain i lie

The hurt and the healer collide
Collide to grieve the loss of a child
A child i never held
Held in my damned heart
Damned to a lifetime of sorrow
Sorrow paralyzing every inch of me
Simple pain that burns

Simple pain
More of excruciating pain
So much of numbing pain
A lot of unquenchable pain
Less of understanding pain
Being unimaginable pain

Not so simple pain
Take away my pain child


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