Quote about life

I’m hanging on suicidal thoughts Obsessed about ending it all
My life
I feel like a failure worth nothing at all
I feel life has abandoned me
Left me to fend for myself without help from the universe
Maybe their life would be much better without me in it
I seem to be bringing everyone else down
Am sure she’s fed up with me
Feeling like I can’t think for myself Has she ever even asked me how I feel
What I want
She just assumes that I dont know where my life is going
Maybe I don’t but she should give me that chance to explain myself
She is always impatient with me Looking at me like why the hell are you still here
Why do I have to keep helping you and you show me no gratitude
She hates me
I know that
I’ve seen it in her eyes lately, she just wants me to go away
And I don’t blame her
I want to go away too far from my own existence
Further from reality
I guess my destiny just wont show itself to me
I dont even know my purpose in life anymore
Why am I here
I keep asking myself that everytime
Yet it feels like the words keep echoing back to me
Bouncing off walls then hitting me right smack in the face
Do I even have face anymore
Do I count as humanity
Save me from myself
From these drowning emotions that strangle my air
This should just end
I should just end Elegantly



    1. Real but someone else’s experience, a close relative committed suicide, we all wondered what could have led to it. These are some of the emotions he could have been experiencing. Sometimes we ignore the signs when someone is almost jockingly telling you that they want to end it all, and then it happens…

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      1. I’m so sorry. I have experiences the same thing, been of both sides except I didn’t die. Those emotions are real, they actually portray a suicidal mind very well, up to the point where a person starts feeling like they don’t belong with the human race or this universe.


  1. I can’t say I haven’t been on that side either too. I have experienced depression too and it gets in your head so much you feel like the only way out is to end it all, especially after grieving a loved one, you tend to feel like what’s the point, you know?


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