What About The Dad?

I just stumbled upon this piece and just had to reblog it. Even the dad grieves.

The Story of Audrey


To The Daddy,

Our child is 50% you and 100% us.

Instead of carrying her in your womb, you carry the weight of our world on your shoulders.

You may not have felt her kick from the inside out, but you aren’t exempt from the pain of her loss.

I see you.

I see you forced into the role of “The Rock”. You are expected to be the solid counterpart to my emotional tendencies.

I see you wiping away my tears and wonder if you ever need a good cry.chrisaudrey

I see you leave for work each day. Throughout it all, you have continued to build a life for our family without question or complaint.

When was the last time I checked your pulse? Maybe she has also been on your mind.

You lost her too, after all. She wrapped her tiny hand around your ring finger. She calmed when…

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Dont criticize me
When I still cry for my baby
When I still ask why
When I still refuse to speak
When I still cannot eat
When I still drown in sorrow
My baby left me
So don’t criticize

Don’t criticize me
If I cannot explain my tears
If I cannot complain to you
If I cannot have your company
If I cannot laugh with you
If I cannot see you near me
My baby left me
So don’t criticize

Don’t criticize me
How I choose to mourn
How I choose to remember
How I choose to lash out
How I choose to sleep
How I choose to live in pain
My baby left me
So don’t Criticize