Happy Valentines Baby
I wanted to spend the day with you
I feel it is too soon to step outside
That cold hard wind on my face
Stepping on the place you lie for eternity
I trembled wondering
Would I be able to stand still
Or stand at all
When I know you are so near
Yet so far from me
A million feet under
A million miles separate us
It’s still raw
Would I be able to stare at your grave
Without wanting to claw away the sand
With my bare fingers
Until I can reach you
Yet my mind feels possible
Because you left too soon
Happy Valentines Day my baby
This was your month
Your month to be born
Your month of love
A month filled with Expectations
Expectations of your presence
My heart yearns for that love
Love of a mother to her son
Love of a son to his mother
I know
You would have been too small
To understand today
Yet I would have kissed your tiny cheeks
A million times over
Just to wish you a happy Valentines
So much I had waited for
So much I craved for
Many more Valentines will come
Yet this one… 2017
Will forever haunt me