I woke up in the middle of the night
Sweats dripping down my back
Chest drenched in sweaty beads
Heart pounding so loud
I felt the bed shake
Panic stricken eyes darted
Back and forth
In complete darkness
I heard a baby cry
It was only in my nightmares
Heart beginning to calm down
Eyes adjusting to the pitch black
Sweat beads begin to dry up
My hands have stopped shaking
It was only a dream, nightmare
The sound of your cry was only in my unconscious mind
So I begin to weep
Realisation washing over me like a flood
You are not here
I dreamed up the sound of your cry
I fall back asleep
Drowned in heart burns
I don’t dream of your cry anymore
Sounds of a baby’s cry
Keep me awake
Yet still put me to sleep
When I want to dream of you
My very heart beat’s Sound


4 thoughts on “SOUNDS OF A BABY’S CRY

  1. I’m thinking about you. Remembering when I was in the hospital about to deliver and knowing my baby was going to die and I could hear all the sounds of women in labor and new baby cries. It was so hard. My blog today is about a podcast that I think you can relate to. Anybody who had suffered like we have might enjoy it though enjoy is not the right word since it’s so sad. But at least we have each other so we are not so alone. http:/// today’s post is #7.

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    1. Thank you so much for the support. Sometimes I think I am a bit fine but then something triggers and everything comes back in, in floods, especially the cry of a baby, its so haunting you just find yourself breaking again. I just check it out now much love😊

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