I look at this photograph
That is you baby
Inside mummy’s tummy
Four months and growing
My hand could already feel you
Gently dancing in excitement
At the presence of my fingers
Five more months yet to grow
Smiling I planned
A baby bump photo shoot
Wanted to capture all of you
Still in my belly
Capture the glow you radiated through me
You were everything that I wanted
It was supposed to be me and you
It was meant to be our memories together
Yet everything faded away
Seven months inside mummy’s belly
My happy ending never came
So much of what I wanted
Unexplained tragedy took you away from me
This photograph is all…
Everything I have of you
Proof that you existed
Proof that you were real
Proof that you made me a mum
Should I frame it
Do I have strength to frame it
This is your photograph baby
I remember every memory of it
It is your first photograph
Mummy took it herself
Looking down at you
So blissful
Yet almost angelic
The thought that you grew inside me
Was perfection
Now I look at the photograph
Wishing you back
Holding the Edge of the Frame
I hold you in my heart instead
I promise
To keep this photograph forever


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