This pillow knows all of my secrets
The tears I have cried for my baby
Could tell a story
I cry when my heart is aching
For a loss I cannot explain
I don’t understand how my baby died before his time
I don’t know what I could have done to change it
I don’t see how my pressure could have been so volatile
This pillow has heard me ask
Questions from a bleeding heart
Muffled amidst tears of grieving
Silenced by a coughing chest
Yet with no answers to give me
It has heard my soul shatter into unknown pieces
Unable to pick and put them back together
Or even offer words of consolation to a dying heart
This pillow understands the language of loss
When no one else can
Every thought of a despairing lost mind
Each unconsoled hiccup
Each unfinished breath
Each undone ache
Each heavy emotion of the suddden loss of a child
My pillow knows
My pillow cannot speak
But it knows
Where the stains of my hushed tears lie


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