Do I Slur when I speak of you
Yes everytime I do
My thoughts are in disarray
I want to say this
My mouth says that
Words cannot form speech
Because my emotions are too dense
My feelings too occupied by hurt
Missing you is corrupting my heart
Spaces between my lips
Remove no sound
Because I have no sense of time
My time has stood still for so long
Moving in waves of disillusionment
My slur is caused by a lack of your presence
I avoid speaking
So I do not misspell your name
Because words refuse my speech
Velvet dreams have no meaning
Words of comfort become logic
I can only speak in my dreams
The times I dream of you
Words fall over each other
Trying to make sense to me
I still cannot verbalize your absence
Seems this slur will be part of me
Until words fall in line
Or grief leaves my heart



You do not have a shadow
Here on earth
The space between us
Has been left empty
Our hands cannot hold yours
You left without a shadow
Still my baby
Yellow sunflowers
Keep your spirit alive
Let Heaven hold your hand now