I have no more pieces of my broken heart to break
I have no more strength to give my heart away
I have no more tears to fight back from falling
If all pieces are broken
Which piece do I start picking up first
Which parts do I glue together
So they do not fall off again
From the weight of a dead love
I may not love again
Like I loved you
All I feel is this empty space
This hollowness that reminds me you are gone
My heart is an arid land
Devoid of leafy greens
Or blooming flowers
Only dried up barks of trees
A stump that still stands
In the scorching sun
A thump of an empty valley
Cracked clay with zigzag lines
This arid land has no more rainfall to give
This Arid land known as my heart
Has no more broken pieces left

12 thoughts on “BROKEN PIECES OF ME

  1. Y’know, I just have this wonderful feeling that the worst is over OR the best is yet to be. So hang in there my friend, for I believe that life averages everything. Have faith in life. Sshh … its been my favorite teacher;)

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      1. Thank you. I am happy I can. It is my great pleasure. I am so sorry I have been so slow with this reply as I have been a little under the weather as my bipolar symptoms kicked me in my butt for a while. I am better now… Only fighting milder symptoms now. I am looking forward to writing in my blog again and reading many of my favorite blogs. Honestly yours is the first one I was excited to start reading again. Your blog is one of my very favorites. You are so talented, strong, courageous and inspirational to me. Thank you for your gift and so sorry for you sorrow at the same time. Hugs and many blessings to you always. ❤

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