I keep staring at space
Like you are suspended in the air
Or you hung from the skies
Just so I can see you
Are you really there
You gone
Has ripped me apart
Turned my oranges into bleach white
You were my everything
My good perfect thing
The reason sunrises were magical
And sunsets made sense
Mornings I opened my eyes looking foward
To you waking me up with your kicks
6 am to be precise
An early riser you would have been
Everything I ever
Was found in your tiny heartbeat
That beat next to my heart’s rythm
You were the centre of my universe
My life revolved around waiting for you
Waiting for your grand entrance into my imperfect life
Now my universe is no longer centred
I feel gravity has shifted
Causing an imbalance into my now minimal life
This space I keep staring at
It moves not
It cannot even speak to me
My child
Whisper to the wind in the morning
Help me feel sane again
Speak to the birds in the air
So as they chirp I can hear you sing
Sing to this space that has found residence in my heart
You were my whole universe
Now I feel I want to move to an unknown galaxy
Where time stands still
Until I see you again
What will Center my universe



Tall buildings and People in the city is A Good Match. I took this photo sitting under a tree in the middle of the city center. I needed to get out.