Nathan my boy
My little man
My unborn
I wish to have held your tiny hand
As you held my finger
With your tiny little hands
All your five fingers
Tightly holding my single finger
How strong would you have been
How fast would you have grown
I have cried
Yet it never feels enough
I need your tiny baby fingers
To hold me steady
As I wobble through this life
Without you near
Take me to the place where you are
So I can reach out
And touch your tiny fingers
They were closed tight
When you were born
Not ready for this world
I didn’t get to feel them in my hands
Now I miss them in such a maddening way
It’s unreal you are not here with me
Drive away this loneliness
Eating at my soul
I dream of you little man
My baby’s tiny fingers
Would have been my anchor
My good thing I looked forward to
For the rest of my life
Without you
There is no me
Quicken my healing
So I see life in color once again
Your fingers in my hand baby
All I ever wished for

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