If we were having coffee
I’d tell you I have missed you
My best friends
Gladys. M .
Brenda. O .
Winnie. N .
Brenda. L .
I know I have been distant
I feel I have nowhere to begin
To explain how grief has changed me
I don’t know how to share my pain with you
I feel lost in these foreign emotions
Sadness comes and goes
Yet I am stuck in this limbo
If we were having coffee
I’d tell you, you are my therapy
Seeing you makes me calmer
Gives me a sense of direction
Lets me know I am not alone
With you holding my hand
I can never be alone
We should go for that coffee date
Laugh again like old times
Even when laughter seems so far away
I know in your hugs I feel better
Let us have that coffee
Then I can tell you how I have missed you
I need my coffee therapy with friends


  1. I pray soon you will be able to have that coffee date with your friends even if that coffee date is inside your house. That would be a big step forward for you. I have missed reading your blogs or at least being able to comment because my phone doesn’t let me do it on the blogs for some reason and can only comment on my computer. So anyway I have been unable to read a lot of blogs etc. and honestly I have had to delete many of them. I just wanted to let you know that I have saved all of yours because your blog is one of my favorite blogs. You are so talented. Honestly… and I pray you are doing okay or at least having some better days. Hugs and blessings dear.

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    1. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. Your encouragement always comes at the best of times and your understanding keeps me going. I always look foward to hearing from you as I have also missed you a lot. Thank you alwalys. Hugs and lots of BLESSINGS to you as well❤❤❤

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      1. Thank you very much. That makes me very happy that you find my words encouraging. I just write from my heart and you have touched my heart. I missed connecting with you and reading your blog more. I hope I can stay on top of things more often now.


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