I hate my job
I hate my life
I hate the world
I hate the words

What is left, then of me

I don’t understand love
I don’t understand friendship
I don’t understand living
I don’t understand existing

What is, then left of me

I love pain
I love heartache
I love loneliness
I love heartbreak

What left of me, then is

I want to smile
I want to talk
I want to laugh
I want to create

What of me, is then left


7 thoughts on “WHAT IS LEFT OF ME

  1. I understand your words. They so powerfully symbolize your deep pain. I am sorry. I love you and my heart aches beyond any words I can convey for you. I have no words for your pain I know you feel. I just know I feel love and deep deep empathy for you…. I am sorry…. Sending love and hugs to you!!! ❤

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