Oh Lord filter my thoughts
So do I not give in to this depression
I feel grief engulfing me
Without mercy
Heartache covering my reality
Without consideration
Tears flooding my eyes
Without a care in the world
Filter my thoughts
So they do not end me
Give me strength
To bear the sorrow
And beat this sadness
My thoughts cannot swallow me whole
Even when I let them torture me
With memories that should have been
Memories that could have been created
And memories that were lost
At the beginning of birthing



I wish I could kiss the earth
On which you were buried
So that it reaches to you
Underneath the red soil
Plants growing on top of your grave
Everything still Vivid in my mind
When my heart died with you
Watching the soil bounce off your casket
Every moment I said goodbye
I remember it like it was yesterday
When I laid you to rest
Peacefully laying there
As my soul trespassed the chains
That bound me in such hurt
I wish I could embrace the ground
On which I said your name for the last time
Watching nature swallow you whole
Seeing your grave for the first time
Then the very last time
Every one else’s life perfect
Mine collapsing around me
Burying you ended me
Every memory of it fixed vividly
In my subconscious, my brain
Since I could not reach earth
I planted a kiss in the air
Hoped it would get you where you were going
Away from my arms
I will not let you go even for a second
Be happy
I will visit soon
To plant another kiss on your grave



About your grief
The pain you will tell no one
The tears you will let no one see
The heartache you will not speak of
The laughter you have not been able to feel
Speak out
About your grieving
The hopelessness you will not share
The regrets you will not expose
The sorrows you will not let spill
The heartbreak you will not announce
Speak out
About your mourning
The anger you will not show anyone
The hatred you will not let them find
The fear you will not bring forth
The blame you will not give out
Speak out
About your crying
The loss you feel in your heart
The disappointment you harbour in your soul
The temper you reserve for your mind
The expectations you let go of in your body
Just speak out
About your
Even if no one listens
I will listen
When you Speak Out



I am so exhausted
I need a break
Drink ice cold water
Water from a fountain
Let it cool my thirsty self
Then I will be fine



She sat next to an abandoned building
Looking at the distant horizon
The sun was just setting in her life
She had lost herself
Immersed in thoughts of frailty
Her sense of direction somehow lost
She knew her life had been
Now it had to begin again
Without her precious soulmate
Her lost child was her soulmate
Pen and paper in hand
She wrote her silent tears
Wanting nothing but her child
Silent sobs escaped her throat
Pausing in moments
Where the cries began to scratch her heart
A lizard scuffles past…
She knows nightfall is approaching
Night that no one knows
When even pen and paper know
She will cry on paper
Through her own words



A mother is supposed to
Believe everything will be fine
Even if it is not
A mother is supposed to
Have Faith
Even when there is none
A mother is supposed to
Love unconditionally
Even if there is no love
A mother is supposed to
Pray continuously
Even when there is no need
A mother is supposed to
Discipline regardless
Even when it hurts her more
A mother is supposed to
Care uncontrollably
Even when she is hurting
A mother is a mother
Whether she bore her children or not
Even when the child is unborn
She is still a mother