I wish I could kiss the earth
On which you were buried
So that it reaches to you
Underneath the red soil
Plants growing on top of your grave
Everything still Vivid in my mind
When my heart died with you
Watching the soil bounce off your casket
Every moment I said goodbye
I remember it like it was yesterday
When I laid you to rest
Peacefully laying there
As my soul trespassed the chains
That bound me in such hurt
I wish I could embrace the ground
On which I said your name for the last time
Watching nature swallow you whole
Seeing your grave for the first time
Then the very last time
Every one else’s life perfect
Mine collapsing around me
Burying you ended me
Every memory of it fixed vividly
In my subconscious, my brain
Since I could not reach earth
I planted a kiss in the air
Hoped it would get you where you were going
Away from my arms
I will not let you go even for a second
Be happy
I will visit soon
To plant another kiss on your grave


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