To see a man’s tears fall down his masculine face
Is the most scary scene in the universe
To see a man break down because of grief
Is the most terrifying sight in the world
When a man cries
You know his soul is leaving his being
His heart cannot contain any more emotion
He cannot hide his brokenness any longer
To see a man fall on his knees in serious sobs
Is the most horrific moment you will ever see
To see a man cover his face as tears fall down his cheeks
Is the most humbling minute you will ever witness
When a man cries
You know his manhood is shaken
His mind cannot comprehend the loss
He cannot hide his unsureness anymore
To see a man’s tears run freely down his face
Is the most spectacular moment you will ever experience
A man’s tears
The alchemy of his vulnerability
Yet when grieving for a child
No rules are left unbroken
Protocol ceases to exist
The world around him
Is simply in pain and collapsing
Tears fall where they may
To see a man’s tears fall down his bearded face
You know his very existence is at stake
His manliness may be in question
Yet at the loss of his baby
He does not stop to hide his heart breaking pain
His brokenness is left for the world to see
After he has comforted the mother
When he is comforting the mother
His tears may fall at will
As his shoulder carries the weight of the mother’s grief
So does his heart carry his own grief
To see a man’s tears fall down his masculine face
Is the most scary scene in the world



Your daddy never felt you grow
Inside mummy’s belly
He was far away
Yet I know he loved you
He waited impatiently for you
Knew he had to see you baby
Every month he wanted to know
Is it a boy or a girl
I want to know…he said
He even had names chosen
For your arrival
He wanted a girl
I wanted a boy
He said he would love you unconditionally
Boy or girl
You were to be daddy’s favourite
I know he feels the pain
Even if he will not allow me to see it
Or he does not say it
Your loss, his worst experience
Daddy knows you are in Heaven now
He’s trying to Ruminate your loss, little man



Poem Author Unknown

The Morning That Was Serene & Melancholy

I had to reblog this poem by Sangbad, it just speaks to me. It’s hauntingly great with such a sullen yet hopeful mood.

Thoughts of Words

The morning is here…

Is it?

The gloomy sky, the shroud of smog…–

All is gray, all is cold…

Are you sure of it?

Yes, my friend…said the guest as he sipped on–

His cup of morning tea.

I haven’t looked at the sky for days,

The Death is not coming to me, my friend,–

Fast; it’s dragging…it’s dragging… The poet is lost for words.

The guest smiled and said, do you want it fast and quick?

The pale poet nodded his head and collected his breaths-

Even a small movement making him tired and drained out.

The guest smiled and passed him the vial, —

Bye, my friend, hope you have a safe journey…

The guest left the poet; the poet sighed.

He looked at the mirror, adjacent to his bed–

And saw the guest looking at him–

They smiled at each other…

With a trembling hand, the vial went…

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I sit in the middle of this sofa
As if the edges would hurt me more
How did it get to this
How did life suddenly turn its back on me
Life I listened to with both ears
I even laughed trying to edge out pain
This sofa seeming to be my only reality
I have sunk deeper into depression
Curled around my naked chest
That beats to a hollow sadness
Aaaaah sadness, I have invented sadness
Deep throated, deep seated sadness
I am upside down on this earth
Looking at the world from a bottomless pit
I have loved immensely
Been broken too many times I forget
What do I want of this world
Where am I to go for peace
The part of me that died
Is that part that loved too much
Loved too much the wrong kind of love
That part that believed humanity is kind
That part that believed they would not leave
I have died even when I didn’t know it
I am that crow resting on the grave stone
Even that part of me died
So I leave this earth

(For anyone who’s ever lost a loved one through Suicide. I can only imagine the sadness the victim must have felt.)