Your daddy never felt you grow
Inside mummy’s belly
He was far away
Yet I know he loved you
He waited impatiently for you
Knew he had to see you baby
Every month he wanted to know
Is it a boy or a girl
I want to know…he said
He even had names chosen
For your arrival
He wanted a girl
I wanted a boy
He said he would love you unconditionally
Boy or girl
You were to be daddy’s favourite
I know he feels the pain
Even if he will not allow me to see it
Or he does not say it
Your loss, his worst experience
Daddy knows you are in Heaven now
He’s trying to Ruminate your loss, little man


4 thoughts on “DADDY’S LITTLE MAN

    1. Wow! Am excited to read it! Your suggestion about writing about dad was great, i didn’t think i’d be able to seeing that men do not share their emotions, but i imagined my pain which for him is exactly or even more than my own. Loss of a child is just equally hard on both parents so ill definately be including grieving fathers more…


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