I sit in the middle of this sofa
As if the edges would hurt me more
How did it get to this
How did life suddenly turn its back on me
Life I listened to with both ears
I even laughed trying to edge out pain
This sofa seeming to be my only reality
I have sunk deeper into depression
Curled around my naked chest
That beats to a hollow sadness
Aaaaah sadness, I have invented sadness
Deep throated, deep seated sadness
I am upside down on this earth
Looking at the world from a bottomless pit
I have loved immensely
Been broken too many times I forget
What do I want of this world
Where am I to go for peace
The part of me that died
Is that part that loved too much
Loved too much the wrong kind of love
That part that believed humanity is kind
That part that believed they would not leave
I have died even when I didn’t know it
I am that crow resting on the grave stone
Even that part of me died
So I leave this earth

(For anyone who’s ever lost a loved one through Suicide. I can only imagine the sadness the victim must have felt.)


9 thoughts on “THE PART OF ME THAT DIED

    1. A close relative of ours committed suicide, there were those signs of depression and feelings of hopelessness from that person, you never take it seriously when someone says they are tired of living and then it happens and you are left wondering how depressed that person must have been to do it. There were times when that person said that a dead sibling was calling him to join him in death, feelings of opression dominated his life. Then he ended it all..abruptly…so sad


  1. I will definitely check it out, i’ve had moments of despair myself where I feel sullen and emotionless. It gets worse when you start feeling nothing…its better to feel something because you can know how to deal with it. Feeling nothing is aweful.

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