I have not forgotten you mother

Ten years have passed
Ten years without your love
Ten years missing your laughter
Ten years crying for your loss
Ten years not holding you
Ten years not laying on your chest
Ten years not hearing your advice

I have not forgotten you mother

Ten years I have yearned for you
Ten years I have missed you
Ten years I have been alone
Ten years I have cried so much
Ten years I have lost my direction
Ten years I have not talked to you
Ten years I have held myself

I have not forgotten you mother

Ten years you are still with me
Ten years you live in my heart
Ten years you speak in my dreams
Ten years you exist in my memories
Ten years you dwell in my mind
Ten years you stay in my soul
Ten years you abide in my brain

I have not forgotten you mother

Ten years of silently wishing you home
Ten years of words said in your memory
Ten years of still questioning my reality
Ten years of wanting the same thing, you
Ten years of  Nervous tear stained pillow
Ten years of creating a wall in my heart
Ten years of covering myself with rain

I have not forgotten you mother

Now you get to meet your grandson
My baby is up there with you mother
I miss you both
More than you will ever know
Ten years, mother, it’s been ten years
I need to survive another ten
Without you and my baby


13 thoughts on “TEN YEARS MOTHER

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful. Your words resonate so much feeling and emotion. It gets me right in my heart. You are so talented and you have been through so so so much. You are a very very strong woman. I am so sorry for your losses and heartache and sorrows. My heart breaks and aches for you, but I am so inspired by your courage and strength and the amazingly beautiful loving and strong woman you are. Hugs and blessings always and forever dear! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I pray you will be okay. With your strength and courage you seem to be on the road to recovery but I cannot truly speak of this as I do not know this kind of loss. I cannot tell you I completely understand as I do not and I am sorry. I can only listen and read and be there with you on your journey. I am confident you will get there one day. Your love for Nathan will always be there for you as you are a Mommy forever and always. Praying your love and remembrance will turn in to more happy memories for you!!! I pray you learn to live your strength and courage and gifts. And realize how much you are helping and inspiring others. You and Nathan are touching many people’s lives with your love and beauty of the poetry of your words. Love and hugs. ❤


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