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For the lost souls at war
Each life lost without cause
Fear that led to hatred
Conflicts of the mind
We shall congregate
So they are not forgotten
Those that died before birth
Forced out of their mother’s womb
Lived less than they should have
A capital on its death bed
Rings of suffocation
Highways leading to mistakes
We shall congregate
So they live in our memories
Those unfairly plucked from society
Homelessness that wrecked them
Loneliness of a dimmed mind
Cold hardened cement
Shivers of malaria destroying hope
A city on a continuos spiral
Premature living to the end
We shall congregate
For everyone who fails from education
Led to believe function is in the mind
Those that took their life away
Feeling failures at life
Lost in the whirlwind of expectations
Determined fate before dreams
All lives ended too soon
For society that gains without giving
Yearnings only for acceptance
We shall congregate
For each heart that was hurt
Mothers that lost sons, daughters
Husbands that lost wives
Wives that lost husbands
Sisters that lost brothers
Brothers that lost sisters
Those that felt senselessly alone
We shall congregate
Light our white candles in hand
Say a prayer for each one gone
We shall congregate
Like soldiers at a 21 gun salute


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