If we were having coffee
I would let the silence be okay
Because you know me
You know my pain
You understand my grief
You feel my loss
You get my frequent tears
You know me
So if we were having coffee
I would not have to say a word
Because it is you
I am having coffee with



She sits
Watching the day go by
Night she waits like death
A prowler of the night her power lies
Thirsty for a body to lay with
She sits
Watching the night approach
Night she bargains with like death
A seeker of the night her charm lies
Hungry for a chest to lay on
She sits
Watching him watch her
A dance she dances with death
A master of the night her laughter lies
Greedy for a mouth to fall on
She sits
Watching this man walk past
Seduction she plays with like death
A crawler of the night her claws lies
Sweating for a dollar to fall for

She fidgets
Listening to the night unfolding
Night she has learnt like dying leaves
A child of the night she knows
Breathing for a sin without conscience
She fidgets
Listening to him speak shit of her
Night she has bred like rotting leaves
An adult of the night she understands
Yawning for a corruptness without thought
She fidgets
Listening to him breath beneath her
Night she has abandoned like dried leaves
A woman of the night she rides on
Wanting for a guiltless heart without life
She fidgets
Listening to paper slide from a leather wallet
Night she has assumed like withered leaves
A madame of the night she folds the notes
Swallowing for a tasteless soul without vines

She walks
Knowing the day is breaking
Day she starts with mist in her eyes
Arms clasped around her chest
Cold wind beats her astounded heels
A Caterpillar of the night
Turning into a blue butterfly of the morning

Ignoring Murmurations from the street
She walks
But then flies into nothingness



I have seen the world turn blue
Seen tears dry from eyes
Known agony in its purest form
Discovered love sometimes lies
People sometimes let go
Sadness, sadness seems to be the only emotion left
Have I regretted being alive
Do my words seem empty at times
A baby’s lungful cry
Fills the mother with joy
Sometimes it angers the mother
Or even makes her sad
I have traveled in dust
Swallowed sand while running
Running away from myself
Do you ever love enough
Have you seen happiness freely given
Should I have laughed more
Said less goodbyes
Not hidden emotions when it was needed

I have seen the world turn orange
Seen more tears fall from humanity
Known pleasure less often than I should
Discovered love sometimes fails
People sometimes can’t hold on
Sadness, sadness feels like a none existent emotion
Have I regretted not living
Do my words mean everything I say
A baby’s innocent cry
Fills the mother with anxiety
Sometimes it gladdens the mother
Or even makes her proud
I have traveled in sand
Swallowed dust while sitting on earth
Running towards myself
Do you ever love completely
Have you seen happiness given completely
Should I have laughed less
Said more goodbyes
Not hidden emotions so well in my heart
I have seen the world turn silver
I want you to bury me in purple Patterned rain
So I can see the world turn majestic
When I close my eyes for the last time



Air I breathe
For you breathed life in me
Filled my nostrils with oxygen
That flows in my blood to keep me alive
I am made in your wondorous works
Jehovah is your name
El shaddai describes you
Addonai is you personified
You are my eternal provider
I praise you LORD
Being the sole reason for my existence
You have given me beauty beyond measure
The sun never stops smiling for me
Moonlight guides me at night
Dear GOD you are everything to me
Your presence is why I am still alive
Your Grace keeps me safe even when I don’t deserve it
I lift my hands to praise you
Knees on the ground to worship you
I am nothing but a speck of dust in your eyes
I give you my unbroken praise
For you have made me a writer

Strength I have
You have strengthened me with your love
Light that guides me comforts my tears
My sins you forgive and embrace me again
Rain falls on both sinner and saint
Earth provides food for me in every season
LORD you protect me from enemies’ arrows
Life has been beautiful every day of my life
I lift your Name high
Be magnified above all creations
I worship you for your goodness
I praise you for your incredible kindness
I give you my unbroken praise
For you have made me a woman

Joy I have
You have joyed in my salvation
I seek your knowledge in wisdom
Walking these lonely paths
I know your presence never leaves
Dear GOD I marvel at your patience with me
I am weak, only human
Yet you walk with me even when I go into darkness
Praise to you will not cease from my lips
I will worship you until my dying days
Father you know my secret pains
You understand I need your Hand to be in mine
So I can escape the valley of the shadow of death
Arms outstretched towards Heaven
I stand in awe of you LORD
Keep me safe I plead
Wash me of my iniquities I beseech thee
Teach me patience
I give you my unbroken praise
For you have made me perfect in Your Eyes