She sits
Watching the day go by
Night she waits like death
A prowler of the night her power lies
Thirsty for a body to lay with
She sits
Watching the night approach
Night she bargains with like death
A seeker of the night her charm lies
Hungry for a chest to lay on
She sits
Watching him watch her
A dance she dances with death
A master of the night her laughter lies
Greedy for a mouth to fall on
She sits
Watching this man walk past
Seduction she plays with like death
A crawler of the night her claws lies
Sweating for a dollar to fall for

She fidgets
Listening to the night unfolding
Night she has learnt like dying leaves
A child of the night she knows
Breathing for a sin without conscience
She fidgets
Listening to him speak shit of her
Night she has bred like rotting leaves
An adult of the night she understands
Yawning for a corruptness without thought
She fidgets
Listening to him breath beneath her
Night she has abandoned like dried leaves
A woman of the night she rides on
Wanting for a guiltless heart without life
She fidgets
Listening to paper slide from a leather wallet
Night she has assumed like withered leaves
A madame of the night she folds the notes
Swallowing for a tasteless soul without vines

She walks
Knowing the day is breaking
Day she starts with mist in her eyes
Arms clasped around her chest
Cold wind beats her astounded heels
A Caterpillar of the night
Turning into a blue butterfly of the morning

Ignoring Murmurations from the street
She walks
But then flies into nothingness


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