I have immersed myself in moonless nights
Drank of sunless mornings
Eaten with breezeless afternoons
I have immersed myself in rainbowless days
Drank of loveless weeks
Eaten with windless months
I feel lost without you my child
The world stopped making sense
I still feel a scoreless emptiness
Without you my world is evaporating
Slowly ascending into darkness galore
Air down my throat is rusty
Clasping my airwaves like steel
How shall I spend another Sunday
Without you near me
When should I quit sorrow
When everything is the same
Without you my child
I think I am better today
Yet today I still miss you
In my arms I could have loved you
You would have fit inside my hands
I never would have looked away from you
Love for you would have never ended
My child, my unborn
What am I to do without you
I will Immerse myself in dreamless nights
So I never miss you when I sleep
Like I miss you when I am awake



She feels all alone again
Falling apart on the arms of tragedy
Loneliness is too much to bear on her tired heart
Thinking of the years already gone
This one about to end
Her heart starts racing
Not for joy but fear
She is hyperventilating knowing the year ends the same
Just like all others before have
With her having no one to call her own
Crowded by suffocating loneliness
She has cried so much, so much already
The tears never seem to be enough
To heal her dying heart
When would it stop
When would she be completely happy
She had found a diary entry
Everything written in it
Five years ago
Exactly what she is feeling right now
It seemed like nothing had changed
She wanted to disappear
Not exist anymore
She wondered what was still keeping her alive
On this earth that felt empty
She knew she should not be saying
Such abominable words
Yet she felt
So alone
So lonely
So lost
She begged the Angel of mercy to come and find her
You have read my story
Now rescue me from this pit
Help me stand on my feet
Before I cannot crawl anymore
She pleaded curled on the floor hugging her knees
Wont someone hear her
Five minutes go by without notice
She sits up on her bed looking outside the window
All she has is Missy
Her white kitten
Angel of mercy hear her