I have immersed myself in moonless nights
Drank of sunless mornings
Eaten with breezeless afternoons
I have immersed myself in rainbowless days
Drank of loveless weeks
Eaten with windless months
I feel lost without you my child
The world stopped making sense
I still feel a scoreless emptiness
Without you my world is evaporating
Slowly ascending into darkness galore
Air down my throat is rusty
Clasping my airwaves like steel
How shall I spend another Sunday
Without you near me
When should I quit sorrow
When everything is the same
Without you my child
I think I am better today
Yet today I still miss you
In my arms I could have loved you
You would have fit inside my hands
I never would have looked away from you
Love for you would have never ended
My child, my unborn
What am I to do without you
I will Immerse myself in dreamless nights
So I never miss you when I sleep
Like I miss you when I am awake

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