My hands cannot reach out for you
You were not able to invade my space
My arms are empty
Without you to rest in them
I am more emptier than I have ever been before
I had so much love for you
Before you even became real
Nothing was even formed
Yet I know my arms were yours
To rest in
To sleep in
To play with
To be strong in
This pair of empty arms
Cry out for you to be in them
A painful loss it has been
Holding out empty arms
That wish you home on Instinct



Somehow I have not forgiven
Somewhat I have not forgotten
Somewhere I have not foreclosed
Sometimes I still ache
Sometimes I still hate
Sometimes I still grate
I always feel this loss
I always seal this moss
I always teal this boss
I guess
I have unprocessed grief
Somehow I have not let go
Somewhat I have not let rest
Somewhere I have not let down
Sometimes I will speak
Sometimes I will grunt
Sometimes I will groan
I always want healing
I always want embracing
I always want comforting
I guess
I have unprocessed grief



They say there is a reason…

They say that time will heal. But neither time nor reason. Will change the way I feel. For no one knows the heartache. That lies behind our smiles. No one knows how many times. We have broken down and cried. We want to tell you something. So there won’t be any doubt. You’re so wonderful to think of. But so hard to be without.

Author unknown