Its only been seventy four days
Yet it feels like an eternity
An eternity filled with tears
With tears that have refused to dry up
Dry up so I can stop hurting

Seventy four days it has only been
Still it feels like an everlasting
An everlasting filled with pains
With pains that have refused to clear up
Clear up so I can stop burning

Only seventy four days have passed
But it feels like a forever
A forever filled with brokenness
With brokenness that has refused to end up
End up so I can stop mourning

Seventy four days of my life
Drenched in darkest nights
Stamped and delivered to my soul
To my soul that aches for redemption
Time has stood still, too long

If we were having coffee
I’d tell you that
It’s only been seventy four days
Since my boy left this earth
This earth is now empty

Seventy four days
Of nothing but hollowness
I horribly miss you my child
I wish I had those 74 days with you


3 thoughts on “74 DAYS

      1. You are welcome and thank you for your poetry and talent. You have truly touched my heart and I do not know the reason why for sure. You just have. It is probably God. Sometimes I think when I don’t have a clear answer or explanation for something, it must be God. Plus, I am pretty sure you have touched many people’s lives. They are probably just not as vocal/wordy as me. lol

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