I keep calling your name
When I’m wide awake
When I’m deep in my sleep
Hoping you will answer me
Death has been unkind to me
I have ceased being normal
What is normal
Your name I keep in my heart
Because where else would I take it
Death’s unkindness
Has unlocked emotions
I never thought I would have
I have no name for this kind of pain
Nor do I know how to describe it
There is no explanation possible
For this kind of loss
Loss of my baby boy
My world has shifted
From living
To existence
To getting by

Azariah Nathan
My sweet baby boy
Your name belongs to the Angels now
You rest in everlasting love
How do I lift my eyes to Heaven
And not weep without end
Knowing you are there
Today I fall apart
Tomorrow I collapse
Next day I crumble down
It is my cycle now
Grief is exhausting my soul
Only your name brings me comfort
Baby Azariah Nathan
Release Me from this loneliness

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