I haven’t been able to write the past few days. I guess I have been feeling too much of everything that I don’t know what to put down or how to write it. I feel… nothing, something, everything. Seven is supposed to be a lucky number, or is it not? Now it feels like a heavy weight. Mom passed on in 2007 now my baby passed on in 2017, I think that hit me and I just felt so broken that I fell apart and just couldn’t handle everything that was coming at me.

Feels like I am dealing with two losses at the same time. So my canvas is empty, my cistern has run dry, I can’t write, not today, maybe tomorrow. When I am brave enough to face my pain…

8 thoughts on “WORDLESS

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s true every new loss just digs up old pain that just breaks you apart. I’m sorry too for your loss. This journey is always harsh but you take it day by day as some days are better or harder than others. But we will be okay in the end.

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  1. It’s crazy how that works, just Thursday my aunt passed away…in a few days it’ll be two years since my grandfather passed. Although I am saddened by my aunt the fresh heart ache it felt like from my grandfather took over me. I could do nothing but cry because my heart ached, as it did two years ago. Death brings us back to hurt. We have to learn to just continue journeying on. One thing we will always have are the memories of our loved ones. I urge you to stay encouraged. How about you make a post celebrating all of the happy moments you had with your loved ones? Put all of your funny stories and happiest memories on there…just a thought. I hope you feel better tomorrow 💕 stay encouraged.

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    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, be encouraged too. It always feels like new pain whenever loss occurs again bringing back all the emotions and feelings. But I know by God’s strength and Grace, we will come out better on the other side. God always has us in His arms and we eventually heal. 😊😊

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  2. I hate death even though I know it is a part of life. My mom died of pancreatic cancer in 2009. It’s not like we did not know she would die but even when it happened it was like someone had taken a knife and twisted it right through the middle of my stomach. It was the same type of feeling I felt when my marriage died and I got divorced, but much much worse. To everyone who has lost someone they loved, my heart goes out to you. Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time. Time does not heal immediately; sometimes it takes many many years … but it does eventually and slowly get a little better (just a little but some is better than none).

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