Your eyes never opened
Now you sleep in your Father’s arms
No more pain for you
You feel no fear in you
Sin didn’t even touch you
You went back
Pure untouched undiluted
Just the way you came
You might not be in my arms
But you are in safe hands
You now sleep in Heavenly peace
My Angel you won’t cry
My Baby you won’t lack
My Boy you won’t break
My Little man you won’t hurt
I miss the moments
I would have had with you
Sleep now my child
In Heavenly peace
In your Father’s bossom
Up there in Heaven
Now your Territory



      1. Yes I agree and that they are in heaven with Jesus and that they are still somehow with us and near us and watching us… I always feel that my loved one is in heaven but is also somehow with me. That bond is always there… he is with me.


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