I still remember
Pushing you out
You were already gone
I still remember
Feeling pain of labour
You would not come
I still remember
Looking over to you
You will not be
I still remember
My heart dying
You had left me
I still remember
My mind shutting down
It was the end for you
I still remember
Crying so much
Our paths together was over
I still remember
Every single moment
You were shortly here
Knowing Heaven needed you
I still remember
I will get no answers
I still remember you baby
Every moment, every second
You existed with me
Though born without breath
You were alive in me
You still are alive in me
Because I will still remember you

13 thoughts on “I STILL REMEMBER

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and for your sorrowful experience. That was a beautiful poem, so heartfelt… yet heartbreaking at the same time. Lots of love and prayers sent your way. You touched my heart with emotions of sadness and love for you and your baby Azariah Nathan. Your words are so powerful. Thank you, but I am so sorry dear. Hugs, peace and blessings to you always and forever. ❤

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    1. I get this moments where I’m bombarded with heavy emotions but knowing you think of me and pray for me gives me a certain comfort. So thank you. Though far away, I feel your warm hugs and your prayers for me reach me ❤❤

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      1. I am sorry your​ hurting so deeply today. Sorry a bazillion times. Huge hugs and my heart is truly with you hugging and loving you as much as I can from so far away and through cyberspace somehow.But I think God has His way of connecting people heart and soul….. I am so happy and I thank God that somehow I can make you feel better and feel my love and hugs and prayers for you always. It is through the Holy Spirit I can feel so much and my heart is touched by you. I do pray my words will continue to give you some comfort in your pain. Lotsa love to you and inner peace comfort you tonight!!!

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  2. I am also so sorry for your loss. It truly is a loss you cannot even begin to explain. Lately memories of everything that happened keep clawing at raw wounds. I lost my Azariah Nathan on 5th January this year while 8 months pregnant and everyday seems to be worse than the last. I hope that we get stronger everyday as grief is hard to deal with most days. May you find the strength to one day celebrate Ivy Rebecca without that deep sense of loss and helplessness…


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