Life will not cease being amazing
Though you have left me here
I am not alone anywhere
Your memories keep me alive
The little memory of you
Holds on so tight in my heart
My soul rejoices
Because you were put inside me
You grew and became strong
Inside my frail humanity
I was trusted to care for you
Until your time to peek at the world came
I protected you as much as I could
Loved you instantly
Without any reserve or conditions or Denial

Life will not cease being beautiful
Though I have cried for you child
I know you cry for me too
For the moments we could have shared
Each laughter we would have adorned
For every kiss I would have given you
All the embraces I should have partook
You held them back in your heart

I know your heart and mine
Are ever present in each other’s subconcious
I know you know me as your mother
You loved me too maybe more than I could
Your tiny embrace you would give
Your presence baby
Is never gone from me
Even as my heart feels like a sunless garden


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