My emotions are burnt out. Smoking in desolation. I have let the pain in. It refuses to let go. I’m not doing fine.

3 thoughts on “EMOTIONAL BURNOUT

  1. So very sorry, so truly sorry your pain is so huge right now. At least you had the ability to find the courage and the ability to write in your blog. It does not matter how long it was at least you had the strength to do that. Try to give yourself praise and credit for every small thing you can do. You are a strong survivor… more than you can even understand or comprehend. I am serious you are an amazing inspiring survivor. Did you get out of bed? Huge points and success. Did you eat something. More positive points. Give yourself credit for every small thing you can do… and I mean every little thing… even getting dressed, stepping out of the bed… going to the bathroom and not wetting pants…lol… but seriously you have the strength to be alive. You are a survivor and an inspiration. You are so much stronger than you realize. Hugs. Sorry I missed this post yesterday but had to work until past 11:30 pm. You are simply amazing and never forget it. Sue ❤ Gotta go get ready for work now. Please read my post if you can. It is about God and healing etc….. well healing of course as that is the daily word prompt… You might like my praise and worship song…. I hope.


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement that I always look foward to. These couple of weeks I’ve been down and feeling kind of lost. It’s truly words like yours that somehow bring me back to the strength of holding on and allowing myself ro rest when I feel it is getting too much. I will follow your advice and be grateful for the little things I am able to do. Thank you too for thinking of me as a strong survivor, though it seems impossible sometimes to think that. I will celebrate for the small daily achievements. I hope you too have a good rest and relax after work so you feel refreshed. I will definately read your post because I know it will speak to me immensely. Thanks again, hugs and love from me.

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      1. I am very happy my words can help at least a little… these words are from God… through me. He is watching over you because he loves you so much… these words are also from me too… he helps a little and I love you too. I am happy you liked my words… we just can’t forget the little things and you are a survivor. You are awesome. Thanks for your kind words. Hugs, love and peace throughout your day I hope. ❤

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