God Healed Me to the Point That I Can Live My Life Again (Daily Word Prompt is Heal)

Thoughts about healing that I really need right now. This post gives me hope that God is my healer and the lifter of my head when I am down. Thank you for this…

My Loud Whispers of Hope

(Please listen and watch my praise and worship video, with lyrics too, by Chris Tomlin “Lord I Need You” at the end of my Post).

Heal me, O Lord,and

I shall be healed;

Save me,and

I shall be saved,

for you are my praise.

–Jeremiah 17:14

God saved my life.

God healed me to the point that I can now live my life again.

He did not heal me completely from bipolar disorder, but He healed me to the point that I can now live a full and happy life.

I continue to live with bipolar disorder and have struggles and sometimes severe symptoms from my bipolar disorder, but God has taught me and given me the strength to continue on and fight my symptoms with all the strength I have deep within my soul.

God has healed me to the point that He has decided is just perfect for my life…

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Standing at a cross road
Feet firmly stamped on the ground
Thoughts wondering
Brain questioning
Do I want this
From the sadness within
If I don’t feel pain
Does it mean I have forgotten you
Or that I have moved on too fast
Do I need this
To curve its hold on my heart
Make me feel a little better
Will it mean I am completely fine
That I have stopped searching for you
In my dreams
Should I get this
Will it cause me to smile again
Then feel guilty being happy
Without you my baby
Dear God
I need to Heal
Maybe then my heart will still
My soul will rest
My body will mend



I am restless
I cannot sleep
My eyelids will not shut down
My heart beat will not slow
And my mind
Well my mind will not be quiet
From the day’s exhaustions
Of thinking of this loss
That has me restless
From the reality of your none existence
I have less of my sanity
Now that I don’t know what to think
Or even imagine
Grief keeps whispering in my ear
Wondering to listen or to not
When I am restless
And cannot sleep