Standing at a cross road
Feet firmly stamped on the ground
Thoughts wondering
Brain questioning
Do I want this
From the sadness within
If I don’t feel pain
Does it mean I have forgotten you
Or that I have moved on too fast
Do I need this
To curve its hold on my heart
Make me feel a little better
Will it mean I am completely fine
That I have stopped searching for you
In my dreams
Should I get this
Will it cause me to smile again
Then feel guilty being happy
Without you my baby
Dear God
I need to Heal
Maybe then my heart will still
My soul will rest
My body will mend


4 thoughts on “HEAL

  1. I pray you will find some healing and peace soon. Even though it is so hard to comprehend this… God is with you. He is holding your hand. I believe your baby Azariah Nathan will always know how much you love him and if you are healing and becoming happier I feel like he will become very happy for you. Your sadness doss not show him that you love him. Sadness and love are two different things. I pray you heal as soon as you are ready and you will always have your deep love for your Nathan. Your love will never ever go away and God and Nathan know this and so does everyone else that knows you and who reads your blog. Your love is very strong and is felt and will never go away. Sorry I missed your posts yesterday I had to work a long day yesterday and have to go get ready for work soon today. I only work part time but I had to work until close Thursday Friday and tonight. Then I will get a few days off. Hurray. I will go read your other posts soon here. I hope I have time. I have to go get ready for work but know I am always thinking, hoping and praying for you. Please read my post for today. My main picture is a prayer I selected with you in mind… honestly I did. That prayer and also my praise and worship video is for you too. I love that song even though it always touches me so much and brings me to tears… but that just means God has touched my heart and soul. Hugs, love, peace and prayers for you dear. Keep being strong because you are!!!! ❤ Sue BTW I almost completed my "Versatile Blogger Award" post. I have just been busy… with my silly part-time job. Just keep an eye out for it as I have written things about your blog of course….. Thanks again for the nomination dear. You are awesome! 🙂

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    1. Amen. My healing will come and I thank God that I have a friend like you to remind me that it is okay to cry sometimes but God is the healer and he will do it in His own time. All the best as you go to work 😄😄

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