It’s too hot
So many cries
Everybody talking at once
Like an old
Black and white movie
Going in slow motion
I watch her
Slowly pull you out of me
She is saying something
I can’t hear her
I only see her holding you
I already know
You are no more
Yet my heart stirred for a sign
They could have been wrong
Yet they are not
It’s a cold January day
Sun is beating up high
Yet it is a cold January
I shiver from the cold
My legs are weak
My belly empty
You are gone
Perhaps it’s a dream
I know it is not
January 5th 2017
A cold cold dark day
If we were having coffee
I would tell you about that day
That day that ended me
That day my body collapsed
My soul was scared for life
A cold January day
When my boy was born
Still, quiet, beautiful beyond imagination