Dear Lord
Can you hear me
My road is broken
Broken by the loss of my dear child
I used to know where I was going
Now I have no sense of direction
I do not understand where to walk
Which way is right for me
I am lost
Confused amidst this crowd
Dear Lord
Bless this road I am on
This broken road I am treading
Full of broken glass
Shackles that tug at my feet
Give me direction once again
Hold my hand through this pain
Sooth the tears that burn my heart
Hold me in your embrace Jesus
Let me rest in your loving arms
This broken road may break me more
If I do not hold onto you Father
Give me grace to forgive
My angered heart
My hurting body
My desolate spirit
My hating mind
Bless this broken road Lord


3 thoughts on “BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD

  1. I cannot imagine how it is to lose own child so I cannot tell you anything to soothe your pain. But the question I have is: can we ever lose someone who is a part of us. I know physically yes but physical dimension is one of… I hope I don’t make you angry with this question🌺

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