“The strongest person in the world is a grieving mother that wakes up and keeps going every morning”

Tara Watkins Anderson Jolt


  1. I’d like to read/follow your blog, but I can’t. Because each time I read the words, my heart breaks. My soul shatters. I remember. Sometimes, I want to remember and feel it; mostly, I want to let go just a little bit. But it helps me to see how other people also feel, how they deal with the loss, how it can …
    I don’t know. Words often fail me. A lot of my post-daughter journey was a blank; some of it still is. But even 24 years on, I remember. I will always remember, but now I like to think and remember in a different way. I like to imagine/wish/dream of what she’d be doing/wearing/saying. Would she …?
    See, it never ends.
    In the sharing of these moments, though, I feel enveloped by the emotions of others, I feel … something.

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    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s true that it never ends and no matter what you will always remember. Truth is most of the thoughts I write about are just starting to come out in me. So many days after my son passed I couldn’t think or feel anything… I was totally blank. When I started writing, it is when all the emotions that almost broke me started flooding out. I started to feel something, mostly pain and hurt and lots of anger especially. All days are different for me. Sometimes I wake up feeling lifeless, sometimes I wake up feeling angry and tired. That hollow feeling never goes away, yet you want to feel nothing then something. It’s tough and it feels impossible that you will ever come out of it, but I take one day at a time- which sometimes doesn’t really make a difference but helps. The most haunting thought for me is always “what would he have become?” I pray that we go through this grieving journey and hopefully it hurts less…

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