If we were having coffee
I’d tell you that
This is my 201 post
200 posts of my grieving
For my baby boy gone too soon
I feel
The same
Full of questions
Filled with anger
Drowning in regrets
Of why I never held my baby longer
I’d tell you each day is different
Yet some are still the same
On my 201 post
I’d let you know it still hurts
Like it did on 5th January
When my baby’s arms
Left mine
200 posts of pain
200 posts of memories
200 posts of somewhat hope
200 posts
Of how much I miss you
My baby boy Azariah Nathan

7 thoughts on “201

  1. It seems rather ironic to be robo-notified by WordPress of such a milestone, doesn’t it? I’ve been notified of things like this and things like, “Your stats are booming! Grief: One Woman’s Perspective is getting lots of traffic.” I am thankful for a platform such as WordPress to be able to have a voice to speak about what it’s like following the death of a child, but don’t find anything self-congratulatory in being notified of things like this.

    I am so sorry for the death of your Azariah Nathan.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Being able to express emotions of such magnitude is a great way to lighten the burden and weight off your shoulders. Death of a child is hard to deal with and I am greateful I can through words.


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