Beads of sweat
Heavy breaths
Pounding heart
Aching soul
Exhausted body
Confused mind
I woke up Panicked
Because you were no longer here



Hush tones resound around me
Whispers of my sadness
Abound inside my soul
They speak of his departure
Not knowing
What to say
How to handle my tears
When I cry for my boy, gone
Lost in their whispers
How long shall I listen
As they whisper
Not understanding
That sadness is part of my being now
I have long lost this battle
Of calming my grieved heart
Should I not speak of this grief
Should I leave my grief
At the door of forgotten
They speak of my boy’s existence
Like it was a myth in a story
A story I have had to relive
Each day my heart beats
Grief will not stop whispering to me
Through those that whisper about my boy