When I held you in my womb
I knew you were meant to be
I knew you were real
I understood you would be
Part of me forever
Growing in my belly
I was sure I was blest
Given the privilege to carry you
Faithfully I knew
I would be your mother
When you were sad
When you were happy
When I was sad
When I was happy
You painted in me
The full picture of motherhood
A portrait of enduring love
When I held you in my womb
You were completely part of me
Everything of me you carried
A full resemblance of my eyes
Complete copy of my blood in your veins
You were a potrait
Of what a mother is
You made me a mother
The few seconds I had with you
Bitter sweet moments
I was already a mother
No one can take that away
I am still a mother
Your mother baby

5 thoughts on “POTRAIT OF A MOTHER

    1. Wow! You are so right sometimes I look up at the night sky as if trying to find him among the stars. I Imagine he is smiling down, happy and playing. I know he would have loved nature just like me…

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