Do not cry for me when I’m gone
Because I felt no pain of existing
I was never touched by human hurt
I never experienced harsh emotions
Like the hatred sometimes of humanity
I did not experience intense anger
I was never rejected or abandoned
If I die young
Shed no tears for me
Because I am at peace
I will not experience reality of hardship
Nor cry because my heart ailed
I will not feel the intensity of hunger pains
Or the dread of unmet wants
I will not be
In physical, emotional, spiritual pain
If I die young
Before I have breathed on this earth
Know that I still loved you
If you never held me in your arms
Know that I still felt your embrace
If you never kissed my cheeks
Know your warmth I already had
Weep not at my grave
Because I still live in your heart
Wipe those tears I see in your eyes
Unburden that ache I feel in your heart
Take away that grief
I am grieving with you too
If I die young
I know I am still loved by you
Inside the Maze of pain you carry
Know I am still with you


4 thoughts on “IF I DIE YOUNG

    1. Thanks. Writing for me removes all these negative emotions from me, it’s like Iam literally pouring them out of me, the more I write, the more the burden lessens. And youre right, time does heal all wounds eventually

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