I sit under this tree
And wonder out loud
Where is my life headed
What am I doing wrong
Why can’t I have
The kind of life I want
Where should I go
To ease all this emptiness
I feel like I am drowning
Falling into this massive avalanche
That will not let go of its claws
Digging deep into my heart
Cold wind blows
I hear a plane above the sky
I wonder
What is my destiny
Who am I anyway
I have lost a sense of me
Me I do not understand anymore
Who have I become
With all this sadness inside me


2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS THAT HURT

  1. Sometimes, I wonder the same exact thing. It only gets weird when I am the only one wondering while everyone I know is smiling. It’s like, why can’t that be me? And they wonder why I feel this way. It’s an inevitable and uncontrollable feeling. They don’t undertsand.

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    1. You’re so right. It’s a feeling that you cannot control and most likely we all get to a point where you begin to wonder where your life is headed to. It’s a lonely place to be, where you hope it gets better in the end.


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