Opening: my empty heart a little
Feeling: empty
Knowing: i don’t know, I know it’s the middle of June, I care not
Wishing: i wasn’t here
Hoping: i have no hope
Marveling: nothing surprises me anymore
Needing: love
Watching: dry earth being blown by wind
Learning: i’m more hurt than I thought I was
Loving: i’m too empty to feel nothin’
Admiring: too emotionless to feel
Thinking: really damaging thoughts
Wanting: everything to end
Smelling: chocolate
Dreading: sleeping nowadays
Dreaming: about mom again
Cooking: tried to bake today
Making: plans to move from home a bit
Reading: not reading
Drinking: smirnoff
Listening: to my own heart beat
Writing: these words
Wondering: why? Why me? Why did it happen? Why am I alone? Why God? Why?
Following: https://jocooks.com i don’t know why i just want to eat
Eating: rice and beans
Wearing: another dera dress
Creating: nothing
Regretting: everything my life has been
Wasting: away in pieces
Noticing: i’m having chest pains on my left, where my heart is, pain has become physical
Giggling: is there such a thing now
Bookmarking: https://jocooks.com
Hating: everyone else that is happy


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