I have yearned to heal
Yet memories will not let me rest
My body still will not let me forget
My heart will not let me move
From labour pains to heart pains
My mind recalls it all

I have wished to be well
Yet memories still cling to me
My body still reminds me
My heart still holds me
From labour pains to heart pains
My soul reminisces

I have talked of being okay
Yet memories still pull me back
My body still feels you inside
My heart still hears you
From labour pains to heart pains
My Interest declines


  1. So sorry dear. I have missed reading your posts and I have missed you my dear blogging friend. I have not been reading many posts lately, but truly want to and need to make the time to read more. I was wondering how things were going for you. You are still in my prayers. Please know that I love you an care about you. I have deep empathy for what you are going through. I can never understand it because I didn’t go through it but just know that I have huge love and care and concern in my heart for you. I wish I lived near you so I could just listen if you needed to talk. Sometimes we just need someone to just listen to us or be there when we cry because there is nothing else we can do. So, I am praying for you and in my heart I am by your side as you cry and as you speak and as you feel your pain. I am there… in my heart and soul for you. By the way I missed you and I am going to try to read more of your beautiful emotional inspiring touching words… your gift of words and expression is beyond measure and is huge. Thank you for sharing you…. Love, hugs and blessings, Sue

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    1. I am so happy to hear your words. It is always like you are sitting next to me speaking to me. I had also not been writting for a while. I believe I am getting to a better place as each day brings with it a new challenge or event. I have been mostly fine and I thank God for His Grace that is always sufficient. I know he has good plans for me now and in future

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      1. I am very happy to hear you are doing better and feel some optimism and have hope. Yay! I am sure God does have great plans for you You are a beautiful (inside and out) awesome, very strong young lady with a beautiful heart and spirit and soul… and a great life ahead of you.


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