Grief Poetry is my personal journey through grief and grieving the loss of my baby boy Azariah Nathan. He was born stillbirth on 5th January 2017 when I was 8 months pregnant.

Writing is the only thing that has kept me from giving in to insanity, hopelessness and total depression. I have my weak moments where I question why him and not me. It’s a slow and painful journey that any one who has ever experienced a miscarrage, still birth, infant death or child loss goes through. The pain is immeasurable and sometimes swallows you whole.

I write poetry about feeling the pain of grief, how to let go, healing through grief. I lost my baby and it has been the most painful process I am still going through. So I needed an outlet to let all these emotions out that people would not understand. Grief is personal so it does not matter how you go through it as long as in the end you find the healing that you need. To be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel is what we all want when grieving. This is my personal space to rant, yell, cry, laugh, blame, scream, curse… then eventually heal …through words. It does not matter whether you have been grieving for a second, an hour, a day, a month, a year, ten years, grief is juist grief. It does not matter whether you have lost a child, a sibling, a parent, a spouse, a friend, a relative or even a pet, grief is painful to deal with. No words are ever enough. So journey with me as I try to find meaning and healing in Grief. Do not be afraid of sharing your experiences with me, let us be there for each other, for there is strength in supporting each other. You are allowed to grieve. Grieve and heal with me. I’ m Brenda. A baby loss Survivor… read his story

Love always


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    1. It’s true, opening the heart and allowing emotions to flow out somehow heals and makes us feel better. For me its through writing. So thank you for reading and your comments. You’re always welcome…

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  1. I agree,I truly hope you find the healing and comfort throughout your Journey in this lifetime; although this is a temporary relief,I am sure the memories that your love one left behind will strengthen you. May you find the peace of mind in the midst of this very painful unforgettable heartbreak…May the energy within strengthen you Brenda!


  2. I just now discovered your blog Brenda and I wanted to just commend you for your bravery and ability to use creativity to channel your pain. I’m a mother and didn’t understand until I became one. I deal with depression, as it’s been a life-long battle. Writing has helped me to channel my pain and moments of joy. Writing can be a very powerful and therapeutic tool. Thank you for being so open. ❤

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    1. Thank you Sonyo for stopping by. Being a mother is the best experience in the world even though I don’t have that right now, being pregnant gave me that, which nothing can take it away from me. Writing for me is also therapeutic. I haven’t really been able to talk about my loss to people one on one, the courage to just speak it yet, I don’t have. So writing gives me that, I get to share my pain and journey through grief without talking it out loud. I understand depression because I have been through that too, so all I can say is that it does get better with time. Even though this loss has been trying, I try not to give in. Because If I do then I am afraid I will not be able to come out of it. You’re welcome to my space, thank you again…

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  3. Motherhood is too difficult to believe….fortunately many go through it like a cakewalk…but there are God chosen rare ones….who go through a painful journey…and you know….my wife too is one of them…but hats off to the power….called women…million bows to them….

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    1. I always thank God for the strength of a mother. It is never easy. When I got pregnant is when I understood how difficult yet blessed it is to be a mother. There is no pain greater than a parent who looses their child, both mother and father grieve for that loss. So sorry for your loss too, it is equally tough and it changes you. All we can do is pray that God will give us strength to come out on the other side…however long it takes to find that healing…

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  4. Hello Brenda.
    Thank you at first for your time to visit my blog and follow. This drove me here.
    I m in a grief period too,second time in a year,first losing my beloved unkle and then,my dad.
    Of course,in my scale of grieving,your grief has nothing to do with mine.
    My people left in the “normal” line of age.
    I don’t have children and I can’t not even imagine what are you passing through.
    I hope only to make you feel for a second calmier with the idea that in front of death, and losing the beloved ones,we all became something like mysteriously siblings,we experience the same thing and we share feelings like equals.
    I wish you to find the light in your tunnel with the less pain involved.
    Glad I stopped by and meet you.

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    1. Thank you for visiting my site too. I am so sorry for your loss too. Grief is something that only those who have gone through will understand. You are so right we are like siblings who have gone through the painful experience of loosing a loved one. All I can hope is that time will help us heal all wounds. You are very welcome to visit again and I will definately be a regular visitor of yours.😍😍

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