You may have lost your child
Infant death
Child’s death

Your child may have been
Few weeks
Several months
A few years
Many years old

Your child may have
Died in the womb
Died at birth
Committed suicide
Died in an accident
Coldly murdered
Taken away by sickness

You are eternally a mother
You carried that child
Inside your womb
For however long you
Loved him
Loved her
Before death snatched away
Your reason for existing
You are eternally a mother
It is not just an Impression



I always dreamed
Of how your smile would be
I was ever imagining
What your laughter would sound like
You would have been
A happy baby
Every day would have been perfect
With you in my arms
I would have chuckled
At your effort
Of your first crawl
I would have marvelled
At your trial at standing up
As you tried to stand
For the very first time
I swear
I would have recorded every moment
Rain please fall on me
I have no laughter in me
So rain
Wash away all my tears
Because I don’t have
That Chuckle , that part
Of your life with me
Words are all I have
To imagine what your laughter
Would sound like



A mother is supposed to
Believe everything will be fine
Even if it is not
A mother is supposed to
Have Faith
Even when there is none
A mother is supposed to
Love unconditionally
Even if there is no love
A mother is supposed to
Pray continuously
Even when there is no need
A mother is supposed to
Discipline regardless
Even when it hurts her more
A mother is supposed to
Care uncontrollably
Even when she is hurting
A mother is a mother
Whether she bore her children or not
Even when the child is unborn
She is still a mother



You have been crying floods of tears
Days seem to make no difference
You keep wondering
Why her
Why them
And not me
Words of comfort are yet meaningless
Your eyes blinded by ceaseless tear drops
You clutch your belly tight
Wondering how could it be
Why did it become
When will it heal
You beat at your chest
In great sorrow
Why not her
Why not them
Why me
You have been curling in your bed
Knees to your chest
Hands around your ankles
Head bowed on your shoulder
How does the world become cruel without mercy
Rainbows in the desert
Draught in the forests
Too afraid to even pray
Grieve and then know
Your womb is fractured
Yet it will heal again
You will carry a child again
You will have your rainbow
Your womb will no longer be empty



In my mother’s EYES
There is a strength I draw
Stability that gives me life, I find my way in them

In my mother’s ARMS
I feel safe and secure
Nothing in the world can make me fear
As I hold her back

In my mother’s HANDS
Is a firm grip that tightens to protect
Lead me along the shadowy paths to ensure I finish my journey

At my mother’s FEET
I find blessings that I cannot count
Humility that makes me who i am

In my mother’s HEART
Is where her love for me radiates
It’s a home I live in forever

In my mother’s LAUGHTER
I find myself, my joy, my happiness
As I learn about myself knowing life is a gift

In my mother’s WORDS
There is a wisdom I cannot explain
A fountain of knowledge that never dries
In those words i grow each day

In my mother’s TEARS
I find a haven of comfort for dark days
They are an ocean to wash away loneliness
Those tears so golden never fading

On my mother’s BOSOM
Life seems to pass by without a care
Where I listen to her heart beat
As a strong bond formed
Made to tie and bound promises we make

Aware her BREATH takes me away

In my mother’s NAME
I stand grounded with roots so deep
Defining who I am to be
And counting the legacy she began
Continuing the dreams she had

In my mother’s EYES
I see me




Who knows how a seed turns into a shoot
A shoot grows into a tree
A tree grows to bear fruit
A fruit brings forth seed
A seed dies in the ground turning into a shoot
A shoot…
Life cycle begins again
Who knows this cycle
Except You Master Creator of all things
Seasons we wait upon
Rain to fall on a new crop
Flowers to bloom in spring
Nothing moves faster or slower
Than how You intend it to
Everything is made beautiful in its time

Who knows how a seed turns into a tiny human
Nine months hidden in darkness
Who forms tiny bones, skin
Who sculpts tiny fingers, toes
Who paints tiny eyes, nose, lips
Who draws tiny fingerprints
Except You Master Creator of all things

Everything is made beautiful in its time
Who knows how a tiny drop of rainfall
Splatters to the earth in millions of droplets
Quenching the thirsty ground in splendour
Who knows how a cactus survives in the desert
Amidst scorching heat from the sun
Beautiful flowers bloom even in winter
Beauty surrounds our conscious minds
Nobody knows
Times and seasons
Except You Master Creator of all things
You know every inch of life’s journey
You created by Your Hands
God of thunder, yet God of immense love

The wonders of a child in the womb
How you protect
How you feed
How you build
How you give life
How you provide
Only the master of Creation knows
Everything becomes beautiful in its time

You Master of Creation
Makes everything beautiful
In its time



You held your baby Lovingly in your belly
Sang for him a lalluby
Hummed for her a nursery rhyme
Rubbed your belly when he kicked
Touched your heart when she moved
You remember every emotion felt
A tear goes down your face
Remembering baby is no longer there
Take heart dear one
You are still a mom
Years may have passed
Her memory lingers on
His moments you wished still there
Every bit of her
Every bit of him
In your heart
She may have left you before seeing the sun
He may have gone before you held him
Wipe that tear away
You are still
His mom
Her mom