You are my Diamond
Sparkly, hard, expensive
Precious in every way
You are my Emerald
Sweet, beautiful, unforgettable
For every occasion
You are my Pearl
Pure, exciting, exceptional
In every sense of the word
You are my Ruby
Delicious, kisable, magnificent
For every coming season
You are my Sardonyx
Foreign, silent, bright
In each waiting hand
You are my Sapphire
Fiery, hot, classic
Senselessly beautiful always
You are my Opal
Distinguished, tough, rich
In every dimension possible
You are my Topaz
Quiet, smooth, unpredictable
For each captured moment
You are my Turquoise
Blue, spectacular, original
In every speech spoken
You are my Garnet
Innocent, fragranced, perfect
For my nervous heart
You are my Amethyst
Mysterious, daring, attractive
Charming in every language
You are my Aquamarine
Fearless, orange, ideal
Dynamic in every way
You were all precious stones combined
You spoke to my heart


Opening: parts of me i don’t want to feel
Feeling: restless
Knowing: life will someday be okay
Wishing: i could sleep all day
Hoping: i feel no hope lately
Marveling: at nothing
Needing: a long warm hug
Watching: the night sky
Learning: i’m getting more angrier
Loving: ???
Admiring: happy people
Thinking: i should love again
Wanting: peace of heart
Smelling: rain
Dreading: questions about my baby
Dreaming: senseless dreams
Cooking: nothing
Making: nothing
Reading: nothing
Drinking: tea
Listening: to the wind blow outside
Writing: trying to write again
Wondering: will i ever get to a better place
Following: i don’t really know
Eating: minced meat
Wearing: still grey sweats
Creating: nothing
Regretting: love
Wasting: minutes being sad
Noticing: my broken heart needs to Pause
Giggling: not in a while
Bookmarking: blank??



“We run from grief because loss scares us, yet our hearts reach toward grief because the broken parts want to mend”

Brene Brown