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To your heart
To your chest
To your love
I am coming home
To be Cherished


Monument Calcagno-001

It’s night time
It’s evening time
It’s midnight time
It’s evening time
I can hear
Grief whispering
Cloaked in wintry nights



I have yearned to heal
Yet memories will not let me rest
My body still will not let me forget
My heart will not let me move
From labour pains to heart pains
My mind recalls it all

I have wished to be well
Yet memories still cling to me
My body still reminds me
My heart still holds me
From labour pains to heart pains
My soul reminisces

I have talked of being okay
Yet memories still pull me back
My body still feels you inside
My heart still hears you
From labour pains to heart pains
My Interest declines



Hesitant to allow myself to live
Uncertain that the pain will stop
Unsteadily I cling to memories
Cautious of falling tears that drip
A few Tentative runs
Into the well of wellness
Yet halting without cause
Timid in my thoughts
Faltering in the way I walk away
Shaky grounds threatens
Unsure if I should walk again
Towards wholeness



When the lights are out
When everyone is asleep
When owls have stopped hooting
When crickets no longer sing
I will cry later
When the moon is no longer full
When stars disappear
When midnight
Midnight has 25 hours
I will cry later
When nobody is watching
When the crowds no longer sing
When feet move no more
When music has stopped
When it is all still
When nightmares abound
When I can no longer hold on
I will cry later
When my heart has found a tear
When my soul finds a voice
When my whisper stops being heard
When everyone snores
They can no longer hear my voice
Or listen to my whimpers
Against the pillow
How I yearn to cry
Bleed tears of sadness
Until my blood is no longer red
But black as darkness
Black as oil
Black as midnight
Black as soil
I will cry later
When my later is now
When everything stops
And I am left with myself
Just me and my damned tears
Damned to drown all else
I will cry later
When later is now
And my tears
Don’t Sting anymore



Just as crumpled Paper
Feels alone, abandoned, confused
So my soul feels this wave of loneliness


Grief by l_stade 2009

She Looped her hands around her heart
Grief breaths were freezing her soul
She had to hold onto her chest
Lest she crumble apart
Her memories felt like home
Memories of her son unborn
Like photographs standing still
She was scared to face her fears
Nobody told her
It would hurt this much
When he left her arms
Before his time even began
Everything took her back
To when he was still in her womb
She clasps her heart again
Will it be the last time
It will hurt this recklessly bad