If we were having coffee
I’d tell you I have missed you
My best friends
Gladys. M .
Brenda. O .
Winnie. N .
Brenda. L .
I know I have been distant
I feel I have nowhere to begin
To explain how grief has changed me
I don’t know how to share my pain with you
I feel lost in these foreign emotions
Sadness comes and goes
Yet I am stuck in this limbo
If we were having coffee
I’d tell you, you are my therapy
Seeing you makes me calmer
Gives me a sense of direction
Lets me know I am not alone
With you holding my hand
I can never be alone
We should go for that coffee date
Laugh again like old times
Even when laughter seems so far away
I know in your hugs I feel better
Let us have that coffee
Then I can tell you how I have missed you
I need my coffee therapy with friends